Hotel Alliance Group® is a soft brand alliance for selected hotels and resorts, which through a strict selection process are nominated as a best hotel and/or resort in their category. All selected properties meet the high standards with strong reviews allowing us to be committed to serving the world's best hotels and resorts to our customers.

Affiliated hotels and resorts can take advantage of global marketing and branding, developing the true potential of their property. With our strong knowledge of marketing and sales we reach potential customers with our website and online social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.

Becoming a part of the Hotel Alliance Group® delivers solid business benefits and offers real return on investment. The Hotel Alliance Group® is one of the world's fastest growing soft marketing brand alliances. Dedicated to promoting hotels and resorts, the Hotel Alliance Group® showcases your property to customers throughout the world using a wide spectrum of integrated communications and marketing.

Take advantage of being part of a global community of hotels and resorts! Hotel Alliance Group® is able to engage in a series of marketing programs that promote properties by their regional location or the experiences they can offer. The principal objective of the marketing programs is to generate reservations.

The team of sales and marketing professionals is divided among five international offices from New York to Amsterdam. Together they develop and execute sales events around the world for member resorts. The team advises resorts on the strategy and planning of marketing and sales activities to the best positioning of their properties in the international travel market.

For member hotels and resorts, Hotel Alliance Group® brand is a symbol of distinction and one of the most important factors for membership. This encompasses brand positioning, marketing partnerships as well as printed material and Hotel Alliance® events. Member hotels and resorts also benefit from strategic brand partnerships and marketing initiatives.

Hotel Alliance Group® seeks to develop strong and meaningful marketing partnerships with like-minded brands and organizations around the world. Working closely with several partners on a variety of marketing and promotional activities enables Hotel Alliance® to raise brand awareness, generate reservations and grow our customer database.

Key joint marketing activity also helps to reinforce Hotel Alliance® brand positioning.

Social Media has allowed Hotel Alliance Group® to reach wider audiences and increase transparency with its customers. It is now the place where people socialise with others online. We have thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers around the world. As part of our social media strategy, we also promote through mobile devices allowing customers to share the Hotel Alliance® collection in a more social and interactive way.

Social media allows Hotel Alliance Group® to communicate information instantly and have conversations with our community in an informal manner. Increasingly customers now search through social networks for information, so as part of our communication mix it is important to ensure our customers receive the latest news from Hotel Alliance®. This helps raise awareness of the Hotel Alliance® brand, drives customers to the brand website, and ultimately, generates reservations for their property.

We can promote news, special offers, incentives, interesting facts, videos and more through our social media channels and share this with our community. We can help you reach wider audiences and raise awareness of your resort.

The international press office is based in New York. Hotel Alliance® has a dedicated team of public relations professionals who, through an integrated global communications plan, are responsible for raising the awareness of the brand amongst consumers.
Having an experienced team of PR professionals in our key source markets is incredibly valuable as it means that as a brand Hotel Alliance® has a sound understanding of the local market and the media that operates within it.
All PR activity that is undertaken by Hotel Alliance Group® public relations team is designed to create brand awareness of Hotel Alliance Group® and in turn to drive reservations to individual Hotel Alliance Group® properties.


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